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Hello there!

We open our doors to you to welcome the brilliance that you are. 

This year's theme, "A prism of perceptions" is an ode to the infinite possibilities, in the ways we perceive the world to be. 

Each individual takes in the world through their own senses perceiving it in layers and intensities based on their understanding and intuition. With such limitless possibilities, perceptions can change and help accrue experiences fused with opportunities over time.

We invite you to explore and experiment with your perception through the vibrant prism of TECHNIKALA 2023 at NICMAR University , Pune. A place that serves as a lens, a mindset from which we recalibrate our assumptions, break the stereotypes and set ourselves free, so as to be soulfully happy.

Meet the team that creates the magic! The team that has crafted this beautiful saga –
the team that dreams big, and makes it celestial and huge, in their own unique ways!



Thanks for submitting!

ARSHIT ANAND: +917381219310 | PRANATHI KOMMURU: +918884014549 | SANTHOSH H.M: +918748037806 

                     SARTHAK MATHUR: +919899572626 | HARSHVARDHAN BARCHE: +917976428175 

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